Both men and women have an inguinal canal running at the base of their abdomen. In men, the testes move down this canal before birth and in women, it nests the uterine ligament. Therefore, a hernia in this path could lead to a halt in movements, due to the pain. Since it does not cause any rational symptoms, people do not usually go for the treatment and this ignorance could simply aggravate the discomfort.



The treatment involves the inflation of abdomen by carbon dioxide to provide room for the surgery. It is also referred to as the keyhole surgery and the hernia is viewed on screen with the aid of a laparoscope placed on the other side of the abdominal wall. Once the defect is located, it is covered with a mesh that prevents its recurrence as well.

The main sites for the occurrence of an inguinal hernia include the areas that had been operated earlier, groin and the belly button. Although your doctor could easily detect a hernia but that should not be a big task for you as well. Mainstream symptoms include the swelling (or bulging) under the skin which is pretty recognizable. Pain and considerable discomfort while movement, especially when you lift the objects. Sometimes, the pain follows a pattern and could get sharp at the end of the day when your body is usually tired of the hectic routine.



Since the surgery is carried out with the help of a laparoscope, the advantages simply outweigh the aftermaths of an open surgery.

  • Laparoscopic repair of an inguinal hernia is carried out from a very small hole, which is why the recovery time is greatly trimmed if we compare it with an open surgery. It allows the patient to return back to his normal life very quickly.
  • Although the procedure is not absolutely pain-free as it involves the creation of a mesh and stapling deep inside the tissues. But needless to say, it is incredibly lower than an open surgery that cuts almost whole of your abdomen and is highly invasive.
  • Post-surgery pain is a great concern for most of the patients. But the laparoscopic procedure greatly diminishes the post-surgery pain.
  • It is way easier for the doctor to operate a patient with the aid of a laparoscope. Though he requires technical knowledge as well. But if he is technical, then there is nothing better than using the laparoscopic procedure.
  • It allows the surgeons to treat two hernias at the same time on either side of the abdomen. This is not possible in an open surgery.
  • Open surgery is highly prone to the recurrence of a bulge but this is not the case with a laparoscopic procedure and the recurrence factor is considerably low.
  • Needless to say, it cuts off an array of medications that you might otherwise require for an open surgery and hence on the long term, it is a great method to cut off your expenses.


It is probably the best method from most of the perspectives but whenever you go for it, make sure that your surgeon is well aware of the technology.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this article is for general knowledge purposes only. It is, in no means, a replacement for your doctor’s advice. Please consult your doctor and surgeon with your particular case for effective treatment and recovery of your condition.